Ellicott Mills Middle School Faculty Recital 2017

Last February, my music team put on a Faculty Recital to raise money for our program. You can now watch the entire thing on YouTube. Aside from a fairly stressful week or two coming up on the date, it was fairly easy to put together. Note: we had a lot of parent support and leadership. It turned out to be a great way to share our passion and musicianship with our students, all while making money to support the program in the process. Nothing beats hearing your colleagues practice in the rare five minute gaps between classes, planning, and putting out one of the 600 fires that come up each day as a teacher.

If SoundCloud Disappears, What Happens to Its Music Culture? - NYTimes.com

More on the doom of SoundCloud…

At least the article ends with a little bit of hope.

If SoundCloud Disappears, What Happens to Its Music Culture? - NYTimes.com:

SoundCloud’s fan base may soon learn this lesson the hard way. The service’s founder, Alexander Ljung, declined to be interviewed for this column, but after Chance the Rapper tweeted about his interest in saving SoundCloud, the men talked on the phone, which Chance reported was ‘‘very fruitful.’’ Ljung agreed, tweeting that for now, SoundCloud was ‘‘here to stay.’’ Whether SoundCloud can last another 10 years remains to be seen. But the moral of its struggle is clear: As digital culture becomes more tied to the success of the platforms where it flourishes, there is always a risk of it disappearing forever.

Howard County Public School System Spotlight: Play it Forward

This is a video from the school district I teach in highlighting one of our middle school bands and their efforts to commission new works every school year.

Andy Spang, Director at Folly Quarter Middle School, is a fantastic educator, and I think all teachers in the performing arts can be inspired and learn something from what he is doing with this program.

My digital workflows featured in Teaching Music magazine this month

There is a new Teaching Music magazine out. Here is the cover:

Even more fun is what's on the inside! There is a two page article on using technology to be better organized. It features some of my Todoist, Notability, and Dropbox workflows. Also featured is the amazing Amy Burns, who explains how she is using the apps iDoceo and Seesaw in the elementary general music classroom.

It is totally worth checking out. Also, Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers is featured in the recommended resources section of the magazine, along with the next book in the Prestissimo Series, Recording Tips for Music Educators, by Ron Kearns.


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