News Update

Website Update! receives a small update today. I have done some minor tweaking to the look and feel of the site. Additionally, I have added a blog to the site. I plan to begin using the blog as a platform for reviewing concerts and albums, technology, and for discussing other topics related to arts and productivity. I hope you will consider subscribing to the blog.

I added a button to subscribe to the entire site's RSS feed to the bottom of the page underneath "Connect with Robby." This feed includes all news updates, blog, music and video posts.

Finally, I have posted two tracks from the new Primitivity album, Evolution, on the music page and a jazz combo version of Radiohead's Pyramid Song to the video page. Check them out!

Presenting at the MMEA Fall In-Service, 10/18/13 @ Long Reach High School

I will be presenting at the MMEA Fall In-Service at Long Reach High School this Friday. The session is called "Embracing the Cloud." The focus of the session is to demonstrate free, cross platform and cloud based software solutions for establishing a digital workflow for all of your documents and media.

If you are attending (or not), here are the complete notes for the session...

Session notes.

Brent Madsen - DMA Recital this Sunday, 8/25/13

I will be performing with Brent Madsen on his second in a series of Dissertation Recitals at the University of Maryland, College Park. The recital starts at 3pm in the Leah M. Smith Lecture Hall (room 2200) at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

I will be collaborating with Brent on a performance of Claude Debussy's Beau Soir (on marimba and trumpet) as well as Radiohead's Pyramid Song.

MMEA February Conference, America's Got Talent and more!

I am excited to be a Technology Clinician for the February 2013 MMEA Conference! If you are attending and interested, my session is called “Embracing the Cloud - Re-organizing your digital content for efficient teaching and student engagement." I will be reviewing a bunch of cloud based software that is mostly cross platform and free. I will also be discussing some iOS apps that make for great music teaching tools. I will post more information about this clinic along with notes and slides from my presentation as the date approaches. I am speaking on the Saturday date. More information can be found here: In other news! - Primitivity traveled to New York to audition for America's Got Talent yesterday. We were very excited for the opportunity will certainly share any potential news about our future involvement with the program as we learn more.