Episode 2 - PDF Management

In Episode 2 Jon Tippens is back to talk about what I thought we were going to talk about in Episode 1, PDF Management. We discuss all of our discontents with managing this ubiquitos document that is significantly flexible on PCs but severely limited on mobile devices. We discuss where we run into friction with PDFs in our own process and what workflows we have devised to settle this problem.

But that's not all! First, we have a meta discussion about the intro music to this show and then proceed to analyze the intro to season 2 of True Detective (No Spoilers... sort of). 

PDF Apps Discussed: PDF Expert, Documents, Evernote, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Reader, iBooks, Kindle, Dropbox, Google Drive, PDFpen, Skitch, Scannable, PDFpen Scan+, forScore

Jot Script Evernote Stylus

Other Apps Discussed: Penultimate, Paper, Workflow, Hazel, DEVONthink