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Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers, Chapter 8 - Working with Audio, with Guest Will Kuhn (Season 2, Episode 8)

Music technology educator, Ableton Live expert, and author, Will Kuhn, chats with me about organizing the audio files on our devices. We also speculate the future of professional audio and video software on the iPad.

Will Kuhn

Website | Twitter | Will's Book - Interactive Composition | Lebanan High School Electronic Music Group

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The Will Kuhn Audio Organization Workflow

  • iTunes is for finished stuff

  • Student work is shared in Google Drive

  • iCloud desktop folder for short term storage and syncing across devices

  • With video files - don’t keep the scraps!


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Episode 5 - Twitter, Social and Algorithmic Curation, Pickling

Friend, Allan Georgia, joins me to talk about Twitter's monetization strategy, social and algorithmic curation in the digital age, and pickling.

The Guest

Allan Georgia on Twitter

Show Notes:

In a Pivot-Happy World, We Need to Let Twitter Be Twitter - James Gleick

Apple Music first look: It's all about curation, curation, curation

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