Robby’s private percussion studio is located in Columbia, MD. He takes on students of all ages interested in developing skills on all the instruments of the percussion family. His students have achieved a number of honors, including acceptance into district and All-State ensembles in Maryland, acceptance into college music programs, and success as freelance and touring musicians.

My Philosophy:

My private lessons are guided by a "total percussion" curriculum. I share the philosophy that a percussionist should have the basic technical facility and expressive capacity to make music on all of the primary instruments of the percussion family. While the percussion family is vast, this curriculum focuses primarily on the concert snare drum, mallet instruments, timpani, and drum set, in that order. Various other auxiliary instruments are taught as appropriate.

My studio is primarily comprised of students involved with music programs in the Howard County Public School System and, therefore, one of my primary aims is to support and supplement these programs by enabling students to be better prepared, engaged, and proficient ensemble players. That being said, all of my students have a range of special interests, and I am always working to tailor lessons to their strengths, whether they be jazz vibraphone improvisation, heavy metal drumming, orchestral timpani playing, or even engineering recordings. Lessons move at a pace that is constantly challenging but that does not encourage students to perform music that is beyond the reach of mastery.

For more information on Robby's studio and lesson policies...

Read Robby's Lesson Handbook

See pictures of Robby's studio equipment below.

*Rental Instruments: Robby’s studio currently has drum sets, a 4 octave Musser studio marimba and beginning percussionist packs (practice pad and bell kit) available for rental. Please contact Robby to inquire about these instruments.

See some audition tapes Robby has helped his past students prepare, all recorded and edited in his studio.