My most used app in the music classroom, Tonal Energy, gets a huge update!

My no. 1 most used music app in the classroom[^1], Tonal Energy, gets a huge update today.

The app brings support for iOS 10 (finally), higher screen resolution on plus sized iPhones (finally!), and better matches the design language Apple introduced with iOS 7 (FINALLY!).

And to top it off, it has an Apple Watch app. I have yet to use an Apple Watch app I love for a metronome[^2] so I will have to report back if this one is any good.

What I have explained above are primarily cosmetic. This upgrade is also jammed full of new features. It will take me some time to explore them all, but in the meantime, see the images below for some of the highlights, mentioned on the app's App Store page.

Expect a blog post in the coming days with more thoughts on the overall experience of using this app.

TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome by Sonosaurus LLC

Download link:

[^1]: Ok, it may be tied with forScore.

[^2]: tacet is an alright metronome app but is the only one that comes close to being useful in my opinion.