My WWDC 2017 Wish List

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference kicks off with a keynote on June 5th. This keynote is where Apple announces most of the major software features to expect on their devices the following fall. I figured it would be fun to round up all of the software features I want to see most on each of their platforms. I posed this list to reddit and asked the r/apple community what they wanted to see implemented. Click here to view the thread.

Here is the list I proposed:


  • News app to mirror the one on iOS
  • improvements to pro apps (Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X) and additions to the Photos app
  • splitting iTunes up into separate apps like what is on iOS: separate app for Music, TV, Podcasts, and iTunes Store


  • default apps (won't happen)
  • serious overhaul of iPad productivity (better file system, better home screen, drag and drop, better multitasking, more control over audio ins and outs)


  • PiP
  • Ability to watch TV content from two apps at once
  • ability to command with Siri without the Remote app (for example, I want to say to my phone, β€œhey Siri watch Game of Thrones,” and have it turn on the TV, launch the HBO app and start the most recent episode)
  • ability to sync all Apple TVs in the house so that they show the same video at once (for parties...also, this won't happen)


  • smart contexts: ability to change Watch face, complications, and notifications based on sensitivity to time and location
  • better audio controls (easier to access Now Playing screen, complications to play and pause audio, ability to scroll the crown for volume and use hardware buttons for control whenever audio has recently been playing)


  • Siri improvements (more reliable, faster, more open to third party apps, better integration with tvOS, local dictation and basic commands
  • AirPods with always listening Siri
  • improvements to iCloud Drive (shared folders, files, and URLs)

Here are some of my favorite features that reddit users replied with:

  • Multiple iOS user logins
  • Hey Siri on Mac
  • custom watch faces
  • open CarPlay up to more developers (pasrticular third party maps apps and messenging apps)
  • iOS dark mode
  • Workflow integration
  • Open up NFC to third party apps
  • Apple Pay your friends and family over iMessage
  • Apple Music continuity