MyScript Stylus is a third party keyboard that turns handwritten text to typed text

David Sparks wrote a review of a new iPad Pro keyboard called MyScript Stylus that converts handwritten text to typed text. See his review for a video of this in action.

I have been using this keyboard on my iPad Pro for a few weeks now end let me just say I feel like a wizard. The keyboard feels natural to write on with the Apple Pencil, maybe even supernatural.

I think the thing that makes this app so compelling is the way I tend to hold the iPad Pro. Because of its size, I find that I am more comfortable cradling it in my left arm against my upper chest when using it for long periods of time. While holding it like this, I use the Apple Pencil as input instead of a finger. The length of the pencil allows for me to be able to reach touch targets at this distance and even increases my precision and speed when interacting with various apps. This is not a comfortable position to type on a software keyboard and the iPad Pro does not support the feature where you can split the keyboard in two and type with both thumbs (why!?!?) so the fact that I can continue typing by simply handwriting with the Apple Pencil means I do not have to change my grip, the position of the iPad, or my input device.

This has proven especially useful when using the Canvas SpeedGrader app to assess student performances in person. Using pre-designed performance rubrics, I can tap on the criteria that best describe the performance with ultra speed precision using the pencil, and even have time to hand write some comments in the comments field of each category, all without the pencil ever leaving my grip. This speed allows my to give clearer, richer, and faster musical feedback to students, which is ready for them to read using the Canvas app on their phones immediately after they are done playing for me.