OMEA Session Notes!!!

I am so excited to return to the Ohio Music Educators Association Professional Development Conference this weekend to present two of my very favorite sessions...

"Working with Digital Scores"

"Digital Time Management for Music Teachers"

And one new session ... "Become a Mac Power User"

I am also excited to announce that my sessions are supported by both Sanebox and Hazel. Those who attend my sessions this weekend will get a 15 dollar credit towards Sanebox, in addition to their existing 14 day free trial. Sanebox, for those who do not know, is an essential service for filtering and organizing email. Two members of each session will get a free software code to download Noodlesoft’s powerful app, Hazel (32 dollar value), which automates the organization of files on your Mac’s hard drive.

The session notes to the first two sessions come in the format of a live Evernote note. These are living documents that can be clipped into your own Evernote account, or simply viewed on the web. If I update them from my end, the edits will be reflected, real time, on your device.

The notes for my new session are a little longer, so I made them using the OmniGroup’s incredible outlining app, OmniOutliner. You can download their app for free here to open the outline (in read-only mode) in all its hierarchical glory. Or, you can simply download the Word version (its way less pretty and interactive though). It is worth mentioning that Omni also has a new 10 dollar "Essentials" version of OmniOutliner if you like what you see and want to create your own.

View notes for "Working with Digital Scores"

View notes for "Digital Time Management for Music Teachers"

View notes for "Become a Mac Power User" (OmniOutliner | Word)