Presenting "Going Paperless with iPad" at MMEA and OMEA Conferences Next Month

I will be presenting a new session of mine, Going Paperless with iPad, at the Ohio Music Educators Association conference on February 6th and at the Maryland Music Educators Association conference on February 20th.

If you will be attending either of these two conferences, I hope to see you there.

Here is a short description of the session:

Learn how to move your organization, planning, and paperwork to the digital world through the use of apps, cloud services, and connected devices. The iPad, with it’s convenient form factor and modern software, becomes the hub for consuming and interacting with all of your work.

Here is a longer description of the session:

Most teachers feel overwhelmed by organization, planning, and paperwork to the point that actual classroom instruction seems a tiny part of the job. In this session, I will detail my strategies for achieving a paperless workflow, where work is digitized, easily accessible, and manipulated through an iPad. The session will primarily focus on capturing, organizing, and consuming. More specific points of discussion will include: transforming physical documents to digital, PDF management, file organization, searching, cloud drive organization, tagging best practices, file backup, grading, automating, task management, calendar tips, iPad as a creation vs. consumption device, iPad as computer replacement, working with the limitations of file management on iOS, and more.

The session will emphasize how a desktop plays a unique role in the capturing and organization of data. Some software specific to the Mac will be referenced, but a Windows PC is completely suitable for taking advantage of the major points in the session.

To ensure that the session details the most powerful tools available, the session will include discussion of paid software and hardware, particularly premium apps and scanners.