Sibelius 8.7 released with Cloud Sharing, other fixes - Scoring Notes

Sibelius 8.7 released with Cloud Sharing, other fixes:

Today Avid released Sibelius 8.7, the latest update to Sibelius. The new feature in Sibelius is Cloud Sharing, which we previewed a couple of weeks ago. The update is free for all 8.x users with an active subscription or support plan. Sibelius First has been updated as well.

Sibelius users share scores online in a format that can be displayed in any browser on a modern device, regardless of whether or not the person viewing the score owns Sibelius. No extra plug-ins are necessary.

Sibelius is pretty late to the game here. I admit, this is a nice improvement upon Scorch, but Scorch was terribly out of date. The best part in my opinion is the easy web publishing, though Noteflight has had it for a while now. 

The Sibelius team would have to do a lot at this point to get me to come back to it after switching to Dorico last fall. Sibelius is still plagued with layout issues, has a horrid user interface, and performs poorly alongside all of the other professional apps on my Mac. That being said, if you are using Sibelius, this is a nice update.