Music Theory Interview: Jacob Collier

Feast your eyes and ears on this awesome music theory interview with Jacob Collier (the 12 minutes go by very fast). Collier talks about microtonal voice leading, negative harmony, and how he uses the circle of fifths to lighten and darken his chord progressions. He demonstrates perfect pitch numerous times by outlining complex extended chords and scales effortlessly. And someone has actually taken the time to notate what he is describing for the viewer to see in real time, along with a piano playing everything that he describes but doesn't sing. It's just incredible. 

Don't know who Jacob Collier is? Jacob Collier is one of those freak of nature musicians who, in his late teens/early twenties, was performing multiple instruments at an insane level, and producing YouTube covers with dense modern jazz vocal harmonies, grooving percussion, .....you know what, I am not going to explain it. Just watch these videos of his:

And you can check him out with Snarky Puppy here. 


Oh, and he can perform this stuff live too...