Excellent writing tool, Scrivener, is available on iOS

Earlier this week, Literature & Latte announced that their writing tool Scrivener is now available on iOS.

I wrote my entire book on the Mac version of Scrivener and oh man do I wish I had this on my iPad throughout the process.

Scrivener is a non-linear word processor that allows you to write and organize lengthy projects. I only scratched the surface while writing my book but you can do all sorts of neat things with it including: clipping urls, images, and other research into your project file all within the same interface that you organize the various written sections of your work.

If you are writing a book, thesis, dissertation, or even just need to organize larger writing projects in a flexible way, you should give this app a try.

Interesting tidbit: Scrivener uses Dropbox instead of iCloud to sync projects across devices. The developers wrote about that decision here. It is interesting that Apple's own syncing solution is not flexible enough for pro software developers to build their apps on. I continue to be worried about Apple's ability to stay relevant with both cloud services and the professional market. This is not a promising story but I am glad that the developers of Scrivener made a decision that ensures security and reliability for their users, even if it does come with some compromises.