iOS 11 Tidbits from Mac Rumors

iOS 11 Tidbits: Customizable Control Center, One-Handed Keyboard, Type to Siri and More - Mac Rumors:

iOS 11 introduces a huge number of major changes to the operating system, ranging from a redesigned Control Center experience to a host of new features specific to the iPad, but along with all of these major changes, outlined in our iOS 11 announcement post, there are also dozens of smaller changes that have been added to the beta. 

Below, we've outlined some of the smaller but still significant tweaks that went unmentioned during Apple's whirlwind keynote announcement. 

I love articles like this. In the coming weeks, people who are running the iOS 11 beta will likely be discovering all of the nice little features that there wasn’t time in the keynote to address. Every once in a while, I find that there is one little minor change that is going to solve a daily frustration for me. A few from this that really resonate with me are…

  • Type to Siri (an accessibility setting allowing you to type Siri inquires rather than saying them)
  • Customizable Control Center 
  • Offload Unused Apps (auto delete apps that haven’t been opened in a while)
  • Drag and Drop for iPhone (does not work across apps though)
  • AirPod settings (now, double tapping the right side can perform a different ask than tapping the left side)
  • Screen recording (will be awesome for making how-to videos and recording Snapchat videos